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Make it Beauty !

A great selection of Natural and Organic Skin Care solution, plus one of the greatest Korea professional makeup brands .  You would also know how to best utilise these weapons in the Makesup Workshop / Tutorial. 

You can't go wrong with Pink Evolution selection

Makeup Workshop is now available !! 
Come and join our Private Makeup Class and experience the evolution of yourself.... 
" I super love the make up lessons by Miss Pink! The Korean style make up us truly amazing. 100% support and recommended.”  Sonia L. from HKG
Call us at 2949 0003 or email us for more details about the Makeup Workshop and One on One tutorial
Absolutely Cover Page

Pink Hau, the Chief Makeup Artist of Pink Evolution , participated in many international events including Seoul Fashion Week, Mrs. World  Korea Beauty contest, as well as TV commercials in Hong Kong. No surprise, Pink also occupied the cover page of local magazines in Hong Kong.

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